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High School Testing - Are CLEP Exams Graded?

Lee, I read with interest your article on CLEP exams and have a question. How does taking the exams affect your GPA in college? I understand that in some instances you can get college credit for passing the exams, but are you assigned a grade that factors into your GPA? Thank you, Maureen   Hi Maureen,   I'm glad you found the article useful to you! Every college has its own unique policy about CLEP exams,...
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Homeschooler in the News!

Homeschooler in the News!
Homeschooler wins the \u003cbr\>\n\n\u003c/div\>\u003cp style\u003d\"text-align:justify\"\>Read about this homeschooler who\nwon the National Geographic Geography Bee!\u003cspan\> \n\u003c/span\>This young woman demonstrates a passion and specialization that colleges\nlove.\u003cspan\> \u003c/span\>Don't discourage your children\nfrom pursuing their interests!\u003cspan\> \u003c/span\>Encourage\nthem! Colleges would rather have\nstudents display unusual interests than see a "cookie cutter"\nstudent.\u003cbr\>\u003c/p\>\u003ca href\u003d\"\u003dno8svccab.0.s6jh4ccab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0267&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>\u003cimg height\u003d\"124\" border\u003d\"0\" name\u003d\"ACCOUNT.IMAGE.21\" width\u003d\"164\" alt\u003d\"Geo Bee Winner Caitlin Snaring\" src\u003d\"\u003d1101748858317\"\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/div\>\n\n\u003cp style\u003d\"text-align:justify\"\>We had the pleasure of meeting\nCaitlin recently at a homeschool event.\u003cspan\> \n\u003c/span\>She is a charming, brilliant, witty and...
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Important Dates!

Seniors - Apply for College and Register for TestsIt takes a long time to complete a college application. Start now, and send it in as soon as they start accepting applications. Financial decisions may be made "first come first served" and applying early may help you get the best financial aid package. Register for ACT test by August 10th if you want to take the test on September 15th. Register for the SAT online before September...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Why is Math Important?

Homeschooling Curriculum - Why is Math Important?
Marcia asks: "Can someone tell me if most colleges require students to take a math class higher than Algebra 2 for admission? Is math the only indication of how a student will do in college? Isn't writing important at all?" I considered this question, and decided to ask an authority. I interviewed a college professor, to get his opinion. This is his response: "Math requirements vary by school. You don't necessarily have to have extra math...
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We Have Two Winners!

We Have Two Winners!
Congratulations to Sharon Bedard for winning a "Moment of Peace" gift basket, our Washington Homeschool Organization Convention giveaway. Sharon was our lucky winner from over 180 entries. Everyone one who signed up for the "Moment of Peace" received a complimentary subscription to The HomeScholar Record newsletter! Look for another "Moment of Peace" contest at the WATCH convention this August! Congratulations also go out to Carie Fagan for winning last month's Starbucks gift card giveaway. Carie was...
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Ask the HomeScholar!

Ask the HomeScholar!
This month we are beginning a series called "Ask The HomeScholar." This question comes from a mom who is just beginning high school. Hi Lee, I honestly feel very new to this high school thing and probably many of my questions are obvious and I should know. I am just beginning this road to doing high school. My son will be in 6th grade next year but the following year even though he will only be in...
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Home School Education - Homeschool College this Summer!

Home School Education - Homeschool College this Summer!
Right there on the brochure it said: "Who takes CLEP? A homeschooled 15-year-old." I felt somewhat reassured when I walked into the test center, knowing that my son couldn't be THAT unusual, since his demographic was right on the brochure. And imagine my surprise! Within the month, my son obtained college credit in "Principles of Marketing" and "Business Law" and yet I had never purchased marketing or law curriculum! How does that happen, exactly? As a...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Keep Your Students Sharp This Summer

One of the problems with the public schools is that the first four weeks (or more) in the Fall are spent reviewing the material that was forgotten over the summer. Homeschoolers again have a tremendous advantage in this area. By setting aside a few minutes a day you can ensure your students retain what they have learned. Here are some tips for two of the "most forgettable" subjects. Math We set aside 15 minutes a day...
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Recent Comments
Guest — The HomeScholar
Karen,Thanks for your comment! I'm so excited - you're the first one to comment on my blog!Blessings,Lee
Monday, 30 July 2007 09:28
Guest — ~Karen
We nearly always continue homeschooling through the summer albeit at a more relaxed pace. Well, our normal pace is relaxed so I do... Read More
Sunday, 29 July 2007 12:16
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High School Writing Plan

During the summer before my son's junior year, I struggled with choosing a writing curriculum. When my husband forwarded my older son information on a chess scholarship, I had an idea. Using the internet, I spent months doing an extensive search for essay contests and scholarship opportunities for both my boys. The results were both an awakening and an answer to prayer. To put it bluntly, there are a lot of people and organizations out there...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Tip for Parents New the High School

1. Read a book: For beginners I recommend "Curriculum Manual for Junior and Senior High" by Cathy Duffy, and "Homeschoolers' College Admission Handbook" by Cafi Cohen. 2. Take a class: Do a Google search for your state and the words "homeschool convention." Go to the convention and take classes on high school. You may find a support group that will have an expert speak on the subject. 3: Get some help: Contact a veteran homeschooler with...
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Homeschooling Resources - What about Teaching High School Science?

Have you wondered how parents can teach a subject they don't know? How will you teach high school sciences without having a background in science? Carol asked me about physics, and was resigned to studying physics herself over summer, so that she could teach it to her student. Here is my response: Carol,You can certainly study physics over the summer if you WANT to.... But I didn't want to! We used Apologia Physics, and it was...
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Homeschool Transcript Tip

This is the time of year when parents put the finishing touches on their transcripts. Remember that colleges need to see a "Graduation Date" on your transcript. You also need to update their final grades and GPA. If the student has been admitted to college, you need to mail the final transcript after graduation.
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Hear the HomeScholar!

Hear the HomeScholar!
I was recently interviewed by Thor Tolo on KGNW 820 AM in Seattle. I spoke about the importance of independent homeschooling. My son was interviewed with me, and it's fun to hear the perspective of a homeschool graduate. You can hear the interview here. The HomeScholar on the Radio
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Homeschooling Resources - How to Compile a Reading List

Colleges love to see a reading list from homeschoolers - but how do you go about getting a reading list? Obviously the easiest way is to have your student keep track of all the books they have read. I was never very successful with that strategy myself (nobody is perfect!) Instead, each summer as I compiled the previous year's work, I had to think of other ways to recreate the information. Consider these ideas: Keep your...
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Contest Winner!

Contest Winner!
Joan Purswell was the winner of our drawing to win "A Moment of Peace." Joan was visiting the Christian Heritage Convention in Washington to research homeschooling for her grandchild.Congratulations, Joan!!
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