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Making School Fun!

I tried to incorporate games into our homeschool whenever possible. My kids didn't enjoy many of the hands-on projects that we did, but they do love playing games. After a while I gave up trying to find unit study projects that they enjoyed, and I focused more on what they loved - games. We played math games, art games, economics games. They would giggle when I wrote on the assignment sheet "Play 30 minutes of Masterpiece"...
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The Best Advice in Every Situation

The best advice in the world never changes: Know your child and trust yourself. You will figure out what's best, you can make these decisions. Nobody knows your child like you do. Nobody loves your child like you do. Nobody wants the best for your child the way that you do. You were made for this purpose. You are the perfect person for this job and for this decision you are facing now.Blessings,LeeAre you a friend...
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Math for the Artistically Inclined

I have noticed (non-scientific poll) that the artsy type tend to enjoy geometry more than algebra. If you are dealing with a lot of frustration with algebra, then geometry may be a bit easier (probably depending on the geometry text.) Geometry can apply to art in a way that algebra.... well.... can't. There is actually a lot of art in Jacob's Geometry, by the way. Although I notice it was also heavy on logic, so check...
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501 Writing Prompts

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to judge your student's writing quality, I liked the book "501 Writing Prompts" by Learning Express. It has (remarkably!) 501 prompts that you can use, but the great part is the sample essays! About every 25 or 50 essays, they will show a what a student essay would look like with that topic. They will give a perfect example, a middle-quality example, and an example of...
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Geometry, Trig and Calculus - Oh My!

Geometry, Trig and Calculus - Oh My!
Geometry is the basis for trigonometry, which is the building block for calculus. You have to understand the angles of a triangle to get to sine, cosine, and tangent. Many college majors require math, even those your might not expect, and you don't always know ahead of time what major your child will choose 4 years from now. That's why I think that math is important - and that includes geometry.The geometry most of us remember...
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College for the Learning Challenged

Don't be overly concerned about getting into college if your student has a learning challenge. Colleges are used to dealing with these issues. There are a lot of colleges that SPECIALIZE in dealing with such students. At a recent college fair, I was amazed at how many colleges used this as their "come on" line. I know a homeschooled young man who was very good at math and extremely below grade level in verbal abilities, and...
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Home School Education - Studying for CLEP Exams

You don't have to spend a lot of money on test preparation for the CLEP exams. Any edition of the CLEP Official Study Guide will work well for test preparation, even if the version is not current. These tests rarely change ("rarely" measured in years) so unless it's a brand new subject, or something that changes a lot over time (like computer science) then you can use the older version of the test prep guides. When...
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Homeschool Driver's Ed - To Grade or Not To Grade

I sometimes get questions on how to grade a student's drivers education. With my boys I simply put "pass" because I had read a book that suggested it. Since that time, I've read other books that suggest to grade it, and other books that suggest you leave it off the transcript all together. Based on all of that information, I'd say that it's completely and totally 100% your preference about driver's ed. Keep in mind that...
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Recent Comments
Guest — H
Hi Lee, What would you think about including Driver's Ed in their activities? Our son definitely put in the hours to earn a .5 c... Read More
Wednesday, 11 July 2018 17:41
Lee Binz
Hi H! Lee typically recommends that you include Driver's Ed on your transcript as an elective, but you certainly don't have to. In... Read More
Wednesday, 11 July 2018 20:17
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Homeschool College - Courting the Colleges

When planning college applications with your student, you will often have specific questions that you would like to get answered. Sometimes there are easy "yes/no" type questions that will be consistent from college to college. More often than not, however, the answer may vary depending on the college. Take for example the question on whether a college will still consider your student a freshman if they have an AA degree and more than 90 credits. Some...
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College Admission - Letter of Recommendation Tips

Some people who write letters of recommendation for our children may not be aware of the standard format of a recommendation. The college will want to know about the person giving the recommendation - their name, title, contact information, etc. Here are some links that may help you to see some samples: In general you're looking at something liked this: Recommender's name Recommender's addressToday's date Dear College Name (OR To Whom it May Concern)Paragraph One...
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Home School Education - Misty, water-colored memorization...

...of the way we were....Did you ever have to memorize anything in high school? Don't remember? I did, and to this day I can still annoy my family with "No Man is an Island"! Memorization isn't a the most critical skill, but it can be fun. Choose a poem or a scripture, and try it for yourself. When we began, I didn't actual think that memorization was that important, so I set my sights pretty low....
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Recent Comments
Guest — The HomeScholar
Lori,That's so cute! I don't know if you can really prevent a child from memorizing things, you know? I think of how many times ... Read More
Sunday, 27 January 2008 11:11
Guest — lori
Lee, my 10 year old just learned the midwest capitals by jump roping and memorizing at the same time....and the youngest ... Read More
Sunday, 27 January 2008 10:57
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Family Math Fun

When my children were younger, I tried to find ways to make learning fun. One of the things we did through elementary school was to play a math game a few times a week. We found great math games in Family Math. It is a $20 book that is appropriate for multiple children, kindergarten to 8th grade. You can find it at curriculum fairs, but also at regular bookstores and the library. It is a book...
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Christian Homeschooling - Reading Comprehension (or...Read this Post Twice)

Reading comprehension was a huge concern when my sons were in 9th grade. I thought - and worried - about it a lot. The thing that frustrated me was that my kids would interact with the books they read (laughing at the funny parts, for example) but when it came time for "reading comprehension questions" they didn't seem to do very well. I ultimately decided that for us, having my child understand the book meant interacting...
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Homeschooling Younger Children - Girding Your Loins for High School!

Use 7th and 8th grade as your "high school training time." Not so your kids can working at high school, it so you can work on how you THINK about high school. When my kids were that age, I would think about how many hours we spent on activities, I would think about the different class titles that I could use for different experiences. 7th and 8th grade is also a perfect time to be planning...
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Recent Comments
Guest — The HomeScholar
Hey Lee,I hope you feel encouraged after reading. You may want to subscribe to my newsletter. Have a great day!Blessings,Lee-- Th... Read More
Monday, 28 January 2008 23:48
Guest — my5wolfcubs
Girding my loins for high school -- that is just the point I'm at now! Looking forward to reading more!Lee (another one!)... Read More
Monday, 28 January 2008 23:38
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Home School Education - On-line High School?

If you are considering online programs for high school, ask yourself a question: Is this how my child learns best? The success your student with online courses is largely dependent on their learning style.You shouldn't feel like you MUST do online schools for high school, however. Colleges, in general, understand homeschooling and they understand homeschool transcripts and grades. There is no reason to feel like you have to do an online school just so they will...
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