Are you put together?

When I go out, I try to look put together. You know, make up on, hair styled, appropriate clothing. Sometimes I get caught on my way home from exercising, which is embarrassing! But on the whole, I want to be ready to see people when I'm out and about. Good thing, too, because sometimes another homeschooler will spy me at Starbucks!

As a homeschool parent, you need to have your homeschool records look put together too. One mom posted some positive feedback on facebook the other day.

Are you put together?

Make sure your homeschool records are ready to be seen in public. Make a transcript and course descriptions. Prepare a reading list, activity list. When you visit a college, ask them if they like your records, and find out how they prefer your records to look.

Be prepared to have people see the details of your homeschool when you are applying for college.  They want to know about ALL the schools where applicants come from - and we are not excluded just because we homeschool. They want to see our academics records.

For more information, you might want to take this free class: Homeschool Records That Open Doors.  If you prefer to read a book, you'll like this Coffee Break Book on Amazon, Comprehensive Homeschool Records: Put Your Best Foot Forward to Win College Admission and Scholarships.