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Are You for College and Launch?

We had such a strong response after our recent College Launch Virtual Convention, that I realized you are probably wanting a little help with the next step. This training series will start with three video installments over the next few days. It will conclude next week with a new, never before seen, full-length training workshop called, "How to be Your Child's Best College Coach".

Here is Part 1 of my 3-video training series! This training series is perfect if you have ever had any questions or concerns about launching your teen into college and life. You know something must happen after homeschooling, right? Here is the link to your first class! I even have a workbook for you to take notes!

I am so excited to share this information. If there was one thing that dramatically and forever changed the course of our lives, it was our ability to successfully launch. We experienced college launch success and two full-tuition scholarships for my boys' first-choice university. It enabled them to graduate debt-free with jobs and the ability to live independently right out of the gate. It also gave me financial freedom, which allowed me to start The HomeScholar way back in 2006.

Our success resulted from making myself a good student of college admissions. I learned, very clearly, exactly what colleges wanted and what I needed to give them to get results we had only dreamed about.

Join me on Facebook Live and get your questions answered!

I am so excited about this video series, that I am hosting Facebook Live events to give you a chance to get lingering questions answered. Under each video, leave a comment with your questions or concerns. I'll answer you during my Facebook event. Pretty great, right? I'm committed to giving you information that's going to make a difference in your last few years of homeschooling.

I'll be on Facebook Live at noon Pacific time on Thursday, May 17. Bring your questions and we'll make this a fun Facebook party!

My mission is to help you navigate the college launch and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. I'll talk to you more in the comments section on the training page.



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Monday, 21 January 2019

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