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Are Scholarships Available to Older Students?

Are scholarships available for students in their twenties? How long are SAT and ACT scores considered valid for scholarships and college admission?

~ Kim

Dear Kim,

Scholarships ARE available for students in their twenties!  There are two kinds of scholarships, merit scholarships based on some characteristic of your students (high grades, or a particular skill or gift.)  There are also need-based scholarships, based on income.  Some students may be considered independent adults, even though we still view them as "children" and when that is the case, their need-based scholarships may be quite substantial.  If they base their financial aid on the STUDENTS income rather than the PARENTS income, you could get a LOT of financial aid. To research need-based scholarships, use the FAFSA Forecaster here:

You can also search for private scholarships while you are waiting to enter college.  On my Gold Care Club site, I have a video called "College Scholarships for High School Credit" where I talk about how to find scholarships, write scholarship essays, and use those essays for English credit in high school.  There are private scholarships available for every age, and there are quite a few scholarship search engines around.  That video course will help you through the process of finding them, because it's a little more complicated than just googling "Scholarships."  

SAT and ACT scores are used to help determine scholarships for high school seniors when they apply to college.  After they have been out of high school for a while, they may not be considered a freshman admit anymore.  At that point, college policies vary widely!  Although SAT and ACT scores may still be available to colleges, they may or may not choose to use them.  Your best bet is to check with the college you want to apply to.  Ask them some direct questions.  Is my child considered a freshman applicant?  Can he take a "gap year" before applying?  What will happen to his SAT scores?  To be quite honest, colleges are trying to sell you their college.  They LIKE to talk to you about these things, because they want to talk you into buying their product - a college degree!  So really, they want to talk to you about it, and it's not an inconvenience usually.



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Saturday, 26 September 2020

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