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Advice on Attending College Fairs

Now is a GREAT time to go to a college fair!  Karen asked a question about college fairs, and wanted to give more information to her Christian homeschool group.  Click here to find a college fair in your own area.

Here is Karen's question and my suggestions
On March 22, 2009, there will be a large college fair in the Merchandise Mart here in Charlotte.
Are you familiar with this organization? Any tips that I can pass along to area homeschoolers (with your link attached) on how to best utilize this event – either the particular event or college fairs in general?

Hi Karen,

I know this college fair organization quite well.  This is a college fair put on by the largest secular college fair group in the nation that attracts a huge variety of colleges.  I think it's a wonderful opportunity for homeschoolers to attend this college fair, and I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try.  In this economy, especially, it makes sense.  A college fair will help you get to know the colleges pretty well, and since they are coming to you it's MUCH cheaper than flying around the country visiting them.

It can be very overwhelming to go to a college fair this large - it's really a lot like a huge homeschool convention!  Here is an article I wrote about going to a college fair.  You'll notice that I even mention the organization putting on the college fair in your area.

For help selecting a college, I encourage people to watch the video "Finding a College."   It doesn't tell you what college is right for your student, it explains how to figure it out for yourself through the process of college fairs, research, and college visits.   It's great to watch before going to a college fair!

GO to the college fair!  You will be amazed at the wide variety of colleges out there, and you're almost sure to find a perfect fit for your child.  Some will offer perfect-fit scholarships, some specialize in learning disabilities, some will be very similar to your homeschool, and some will have that strangely unique mix of majors your child is interested in.  Most colleges understand homeschoolers now, and a college fair is a great opportunity to find out what different colleges would like from us.

And worst-case scenario, you come home with some extra pens and pencils that the colleges are giving away.

I hope that helps, Karen.  Let me know if you need more information!


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Comments 1

Guest - J W on Tuesday, 03 March 2009 20:06

Check it out! A virtual college fair! THIS MONTH!!!

Check it out! A virtual college fair! THIS MONTH!!!
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