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A Mom's Perspective

We've all experienced change at one time in our life or another. Allison wrote to tell us how The HomeScholar helped her prepare for that change even before she knew she would need it!
I've been following your column / blog / Facebook / emails for several months now, assuming I was preparing myself for homeschooling high school in 2 years - little did I know, my son would decide to come home from public school 3 weeks ago, so I've been thrust into this position all of a sudden!

And, I must say, without your cyber-support, I'm sure I'd have had a panic attack or worse.  I was headed that a way when I received an email about "Credit and Grades and Transcripts, OH MY!" I watched it, joined the Silver Club, typed an email, upgraded to the Gold Club and suddenly - I was at peace...everything began falling into place.  I realized my stress was coming from the fact that I was trying to change my method of homeschooling just because of age level.  I was going to a textbook- and- test- on- Fridays school instead of the literature- based approach we've always enjoyed.

Somehow, it all fell into place.  Watching a couple of webinars helped me focus my thinking and get back on track.  I'm looking forward to talking with Lee on Wednesday and having a sounding board for ideas and other options re: homeschooling high school.

Thanks again!


Thanks for your kind words, Allison.

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Tuesday, 03 August 2021

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