8 Ways to Increase Scholarships

8 Ways to Increase Scholarships

Do you need scholarships to afford college? I sure did! The key is to CONVINCE colleges you are worthy of merit scholarships by "Clipping College Coupons." What are college coupons? They are many small things that colleges request in order to give you admission and scholarships.

Let me explain 8 ways to reduce college costs and increase the chances of college admission.

1. Rigorous academic education

 Provide core classes and go beyond expectations by including delight directed learning for your child's electives.

2. Genuine activities and volunteer work 

The extra-curricular activities that demonstrate your teen's true interests should be reflected in your child's transcripts and records.

3. Professional and accurate transcrip

For quick review, colleges need a short document that is easy to read for a quick "yes or no" answer to the question "do they meet the requirements?"

4. Thorough course descriptions 

This will help colleges check the academic rigor of your homeschool, in order to make sure your child is academically prepared for college level work.

5. Meaningful college visits 

Show that your child truly loves the college they are applying to and is likely to stay all four years. Convince the college by including the details of your visit throughout the application process.

6. Timely completion of admission forms 

College applications have inflexible deadlines, so try to complete all of the pieces of the application one month prior to when they are due.

7. Great letters of recommendation 

These should be professional letters from someone outside the family who knows your child well and can write well.

8. Self-reflective, technically perfect, college application essays written by your teenager 

I know, I know. That's the hard part. Plus it's not like you can write it, when you are the parent.

Be sure to get your comprehensive records together and send them to colleges that your child applies to. They will help you get bigger scholarships! Need help putting together a comprehensive records package that colleges will love? Check out my Comprehensive Record Solution to get help.