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7 Simple Steps to Planning 7th and 8th Grade

7 Simple Steps to Planning 7th and 8th Grade

It can be a temptation to totally panic when you start planning middle school for the first time. You may like my article, Taming Middle School Anxiety. But right now, let me give you 7 easy steps to assist you in your planning.

1. Make a plan for your classes
That way you'll be sure to have all the courses you need for college and career success.

2. Emphasize the basics
Literacy covers a multitude of challenges, so keep classes challenging, but not overwhelming.

3. Develop study skills
Help your student buckle down and do the toughest classes first, and the fun stuff second.

4. Encourage organization
Help them learn how to become organized as they learn to prioritize their work.

5. Practice time management
Truthfully, this takes years and YEARS of work, and starting early can really help, just don't expect perfection.

6. Think about college financing
Consider how you will save for college, and how you can position your student for scholarships based on their unique skills and abilities.

7. Don't panic!
You have two full years of middle school before your child should begin high school classes. Take it easy! It doesn't need to be so hard!

Read "The Why and How to Homeschool Middle School" for more tips!

I have 5 Fabulous Finds for parents planning for middle school.

1. Read Taming Middle School Anxiety to calm your concerns
2. Read 7 Ways to Encourage Reading in Middle School
3. Sign up for a FREE recorded class "12 Keys to High School Success"
4. Read the coordinating Coffee Break Book: Homeschooling Middle School with Powerful Purpose
5. Read about the High School Solution for the best preparation young teens

The High School Solution will help a homeschool parent like you! You can homeschool middle school and high school with confidence and excellence. Homeschooling high school can seem a daunting challenge to even the most seasoned homeschool parent. It's a great help to parents that homeschool in all sorts of ways, giving you the training you need to become your child's best teacher and guidance counselor. You can continue homeschooling independently, even in the upper grades.

9 Question Check-Up for Planning Senior Year
Plan Ahead for a Challenging Homeschool Year for P...


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Monday, 25 January 2021

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