5 Top Tips About Weighting Homeschool Grades

I often get asked about weighting honors classes on a transcript. Have you taken my free class on grades, credits and transcript before? Sign up for free homeschool transcript help. Here are my top 5 tips about weighting grades.

I don't recommend weighting grades. It makes it harder for colleges, and colleges will like you more if you make their job easier. Here is the problem, every high school has a different policy on weighting grades. There are so many variation possibilities, and colleges need to compare students from different schools and school districts. For that reason, the first thing they do is to un-weight any weighted grades. Colleges have asked me to tell parents not to weight grades.

1. There's an exception to every rule.

I don't recommend weighting grades unless your first choice college prefers grades that way. Read Why I Do Not Recommend Weighting Grades for a detailed explanation.

2. Honors classes can be unweighted

You aren't required to weight classes just because they are honors classes. Instead, I could just say "Honors" in front of each class, and allow the colleges to weight them. Like this:
Honors: Biology with Lab Honors:
English Composition and Literature

3. Avoid complicated weighting rules

If you are going to weight grades, I suggest you do it VERY simply. (Do NOT do it like the public school method in SC, for example (South Carolina Wins the Wacky GPA Prize) unless required for some reason. By the way, on that blog post you'll see the comments from non-homeschoolers because it was picked up by a news organization.

4. Weight simply as possible

A simple weighted grade might be adding 1.0 to the grade of all college-level courses. So an AP class or dual enrollment class, if the final grade is 3.8, you add 1.0 to the grade. When calculating GPA, you'd use 4.8 for the grade, instead of 3.8 for the grade.

5. Obey your state law that pertains to homeschooling

As a homeschooler you get to decide on your own school policy. Generally homeschoolers are not required to do what public schoolers do. If you are unsure about what is required, you can find your state law here: Know Your State Homeschool Law. The entire public school law may not apply to you, so follow your state homeschool law instead.

I hope this was helpful! Weighting grades is almost always on the top of most homeschool parent question lists. No need to stress about this one now that you know the facts!