5 Colleges Request One Homeschooler for Full Tuition Scholarship Competitions

I was so excited when I was talking with my Gold Care Club member, Lori, from Idaho. Her homeschooler had been invited to FIVE full tuition scholarship competitions!  Five colleges were so eager to have her homeschooler on campus, they wanted him to come to campus to see if he could earn the full tuition scholarship. Five!

Lori and I have been working together on all the little things that colleges use to determine if a student is real, ready, and right for scholarships. She created impressive homeschool records, using my Comprehensive Record Solution. We talked about the best topic for the application essays during our Gold Care Club consultations, and discussed college options that would be a good fit based on his test scores and plans for the future.

Here is Lori, in her own words...

"Today I spoke with our admissions adviser at College of Idaho. She was quite impressed with the homeschool records I submitted with Sam's application. Sam applied through the Common App, but as his high school counselor, I elected to complete his records manually and send through the mail, thus allowing me to send a complete package which I had designed, thanks to you and the Comprehensive Record Solution, which I purchased last year. I had an 80-page booklet spiral bound professionally including the following: school profile, transcripts, complete class descriptions for everything he has taken since 9th grade, reading lists for each school year, awards and activities lists, as well as sample work including a couple essays and a formal lab report. The adviser was thoroughly impressed, and wanted to be sure to let me know the efforts were not unnoticed, and truly helped see Sam holistically. She said they NEVER get records with such detail and so professionally packaged from homeschool students. Just from his application and the records sent, she has recommended he be accepted into their Honors program, as well as qualify for the Heritage Scholarship, a full tuition scholarship.

Sam super-scored a 1400 on his SAT, and his current GPA is 4.0, including his college courses. He scored high on his SAT mainly due to the private SAT prep class he attended, which was a worthwhile investment of about $1000. It is paying back now with the scholarships he is being automatically awarded, and also the full tuition scholarships he is being invited to, which to date is 5 different schools: George Fox (in Oregon), Seattle Pacific University, Northwest University, and Whitworth (in Washington), and College of Idaho.

Yes, I'm a proud mom, but I couldn't do it with YOUR support and advice!"

~Lori in Idaho

Intrigued? I have three ideas to help you.

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If you could use some of your own support and advice from an expert, I'd love to have you as a member of the Gold Care Club so you'll have a plan moving forward. You'll gain more confidence once we can share a cup of coffee together, and discuss the situation on the phone.