#4 Ways to Use Huge, Amazing, Tremendous, Wonderful, High School Experiences @TheHomeScholar4 Ways to Use Huge, Amazing, Tremendous, Wonderful, High School Experiences

A mission trip to Haiti, touring the castles of Europe, or sailing the globe - how do you use the amazing things your child has experienced? They are ALWAYS educational and awesome, but when your child is in high school, there are 4 ways to use those experiences to improve your chances of college admission and scholarships.

A huge, tremendous, wonderful, high school experience can be used in these four ways.

1. Field Trip Listed on Course Description

When you are traveling or visiting anything, it might be considered a field trip for one of your high school classes. A mission trip to Haiti might be a field trip for Spanish class, for example. Provide a descriptive paragraph of your class, list your textbooks or resources, but also list your field trips and experiences on your course description. (Need help? Take my free class on course descriptions.)

2. Activity and Awards List on the Transcript

Special trips with mission groups or service communities can be listed on your activity list. There is a short list of activities on the transcript.That mention on the transcript is so short that the name of each activity is as short as a class title, like this: Mission Trip to Haiti 2013. It's OK for something to be listed as an activity when it's on the transcript (read more: Delight-Directed Learning – Transcript or Activity List)

3. Separate Detailed Activity and Awards List

Keep a longer activity list that gives all the details, with the organization, the type of activity, and the hours and years it was completed. This is much more detailed than what is on the transcript. It's part of your comprehensive homeschool record, and it looks more like a resume. For example, it might look like this: Mission Trip to Haiti, home construction with Habitat for Humanity, 100 volunteer hours, June 2013. (Feeling stuck here? Read more:  How to Create an Extraordinary Activity List for Perfectly Ordinary Teens)

4. Topic for College Application Essay

A huge, tremendous, wonderful, high school experience is usually memorable and rewarding for the student, so it's a great experience as a topic for your college application essay. The more unusual the topic you choose, the more likely the college will remember your child above all the other applicant's essays. College Admission Essay Tip: Make Grandma Gasp, Not Blush!

The only thing you really need to remember is that all homeschool experiences are valuable and important, but only experiences done during high school can be used with your high school records. (Read more about Comprehensive Homeschool Records)

I'm always so intimidated by the awesome things homeschoolers have done. What is the most huge, amazing, tremendous, and wonderful experience your high school student has had?