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4 Ways to Earn High School Credit

ways to earn high school credits

4 Ways to Earn High School Credit

There are different ways to earn high school credit.

1. Credit based on high school level work at any age

This is where you consider your textbook or curriculum to help you determine credit. One high school level textbook is one credit. One semester book is 1/2 credit. You'll know it's a high school level curriculum or textbook because someone will tell you. You'll know it's high school level because someone will tell you. Common examples include math (Algebra 1 and higher), science (high school biology textbook or greater), and foreign language (using a high school level curriculum).

2. Credit based on hours worked at high school age

This is where you count or estimate hours, because a textbook or curriculum wasn't used, or you mixed and matched materials. One whole credit is either one high school textbook,  120-180 hours, or 5 hours per week most of the school year. One half credit is a textbook that says it's for a semester , 60-90 hours, or 2-3 hours per week of work most of the school year.

3. Credit based on college level work at any age

This means your child successfully completed college level work, such as passing AP or CLEP exams, taking community college classes, or in dual enrollment at the university level. In general, I do not recommend weighting grades. However, college class credits are different than high school class credits. They are measured differently, like meters and yards are measured differently. A general rule of thumb is that one whole college class equals one whole high school credit, even though it only takes 8 weeks to complete. A simple formula might be these: 3-4-5-6 credit college classes = 1 high school credit. 1-2-3 credit college classes = 1/2 high school credit. I have seen 3 credit classes used both ways, so I put it in both formulas.

4. Credit based on demonstrated expertise

This can be the most challenging way to determine credit. If an expert tells you that your child is excelling, take it into consideration. This might mean they have a mentor or college professor friend, or they have been published in a journal or competition.

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

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