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39 Ways to Demonstrate Interest in a College and Maximize Scholarships

What are colleges are really looking for? Students who really want to attend a particular college need to be able to convince the school that they will stay for all four years at that one school. Universities want students who will turn down other amazing offers of admission, and will attend their own college instead. No matter what. How do you demonstrate that interest? 

Students need to find a college they love. Download "Finding a College You Love" and learn expert strategies for choosing a college.

Colleges want a student who loves THEM. How do you give them what they are looking for? You have to demonstrate interest, and prove that they are the college you REALLY want to attend.

1. Always visit the campus

2. Apply the first day that the application is open

3. Arrange an appointment with the admissions office

4. Ask the college a question on Facebook

5. Ask follow up questions by email after your visit

6. Ask your college contact to comment on an issue written about in the student paper

7. Attend a class in session during your visit 

8. Attend a virtual tour

9. Attend lectures by the faculty

10. Call the admissions counselor

11. Carefully read (and meet) the admission policy and procedures

12. Carefully read (and meet) the admission requirements

13. Carefully read (and meet) the homeschool admission policy

14. Eat a meal on campus

15 .Email an admission advisor

16. Engage them on Twitter

17. Fly or drive a long distance to visit

18. Follow them on Instagram

19. Get great letters of recommendation and send them, even if it's optional

20. Go on an overnight visit 

21. Like, share, and comment on their Facebook posts

22. List them as your top college choices on the SAT or ACT

23. Meet with alumni in your area

24. Modify the application essays to be specific for that college

25. Participate in open campus events and fellowships

26. Read a summary of their facts and data in a reference book

27. Request an application when visiting

28. Send Thank You Notes by Email to Demonstrate Interest

29. Send test scores without seeing scores first

30. Skype interview with the admissions department or faculty in a department you are interested in

31. Tag them on social media

32. Take online classes there

33. Take parents to visit

34. Tell them, "you are first on my list"

35. Tour the campus

36. Use the college's own application, not the Common App, when possible

37. Visit other campuses they may have 

38. Visit their booth at a college fair

39. Write all application essays, even if they are optional

When you demonstrate interest in a college, and prove that they are top of your college list, you are more likely to get scholarships. Learn more about How to Create the WOW Factor for College Admission

If you have a college-bound high school 10th, 11th, or 12th grader, learn more about how to get college admission and scholarships now, while there is still time to get great results!

The college Launch Solution is a 3-year system providing comprehensive training for parents and teens, with college planning tools and resources, and the opportunity for on-going support and encouragement. Learn more about the College Launch Solution.

 SAT®, AP®, and CLEP® are trademarks owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this blog post or The HomeScholar, LLC.

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Sunday, 13 June 2021

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