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The 3 Most Important Scholarship Tips

Every year some perfectly wonderful homeschool students miss out on college scholarships. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Read on to find out my 3 most important scholarship tips to help your student! Missing out doesn't have to happen to you!


In addition to the 3 most important scholarship tips, you can earn more homeschool scholarships by 'clipping college coupons'! These 9 “coupons” you can clip to earn homeschool scholarships, reduce college costs, and increase the chances of college admission. Each represents a different strategy that will convince a college that your child is ready for college, and will benefit the college. You can find out more about these coupons by reading my article, Homeschool Scholarships for College.

1. Provide a rigorous academic education.
2. Have a professional and accurate transcript.
3. Create thorough descriptions for the courses in your homeschool.
4. Get the best possible high school test scores. (You'll want to find out why Cookies Improve Test Scores!) 5. Encourage genuine activities and volunteer work for your teen.
6. Make time for meaningful college visits.
7. Be timely in your completion of admission forms.
8. Get great letters of recommendation.
9. Make sure your student has perfect application essays.

The above 9 'coupons' will help your child be prepared to gather all of the scholarships they can as a homeschooler!
Once you've 'clipped all of the homeschool scholarship coupons', be sure to use the following 3 scholarship tips to make the difference between smart kids that DO get scholarships, and smart kids that don't.  Ready?

1. Apply for colleges first thing senior year - finish all applications by the end of November. Yup. Now.

Apply for colleges early in senior year, and complete all applications well before each due date. I suggest trying to beat deadlines by two months, or finishing everything before Thanksgiving. Most financial aid is first come, first served. Be first in line so you aren't left out when they are handing out cash.

2. Apply to 4-8 schools, with a mix of public and private universities

Apply to a mix of public and private universities. Public colleges are often cash-strapped, with few available scholarships. Private schools may be well funded, with larger scholarships. In my experience, public and private universities are often the same price after financial aid is given, so make sure you include a mix of colleges.

3. Apply to reach, fit, and safety schools: Reach, Fit, and Safety Simplified

Choose some "reach" schools. These colleges have higher average test scores than your child, but they meet the college requirements. Ivy League and military academies are always reach schools, no matter how high your child’s test scores may be. Choose some "fit" schools. These colleges' test scores are about the same as your child’s, and they meet the college requirements. Choose some "safety" schools, as well, where your child’s test scores are higher than the college average, and they exceed the requirements.


Are you doing these important scholarship tips with your senior?

I'd love to help you through the college application and scholarship process. Sign up to be a part of the Gold Care Club and we can talk weekkly!
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Friday, 30 July 2021

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