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21 Fall Fun Activities For All Ages!

Can you believe it’s already fall?! The leaves falling off the trees means there’s no denying it! Celebrate fall and Thanksgiving with some of these fun activities, decorating ideas, recipes, and more, for you and your children, from some fantastic bloggers. Enjoy the season!


Fall Bucket List of Fun Things to Do from Seasons Blog

Finger Painting Fall Handprint Tree from A Little Tipsy

Caramel Cheesecake Apple Dip from Cooking Classy

Gratitude Rolls for Thanksgiving Dinner from Room Mom 101

Make a “Thankful For” Book for Thankgiving from Collage Collage Blog

Free Thanksgiving Printables and Paper Crafts from Kind Over Matter

Corny Cookies: Corn on the Cob Shaped Cookies from Spoonful

Backyard Play Ideas from Happy Hooligans

How To: Wax Paper and Crayon Fall Leaves from V. and Co.

Autumn Brittle from Adventures in Cooking

Fall in Love With Fall (wreath, coasters, & centerpieces) from The Thrifty Crafter

Building Our Own Thankful Tree from Maro’s Kindergarten

101 Things to Do This Fall from Only a Breath

Fall Inspiration: DIY Fall Plant Projects from Dollar Store Mom

Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Latte from The Gracious Pantry

Free Thanksgiving Worksheets and Ideas from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Give Thanks Gratitude Board from Jellybean Junkyard

Fun Pumpkin Eats: Food Crafts for Fall from Not Consumed

The Thankful Tree from Simply Vintage Girl

Teeny Tiny Turkey Table from Party Pinching

Free Candy Corn Math Pack from Royal Baloo

Run on over to my Pinterest Boards for more fun ideas that we can share!
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Friday, 16 April 2021

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