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2014 Homeschool Year In Review with The HomeScholar

2014 Homeschool Year In Review with The HomeScholar

2014 Homeschool Year In Review with The HomeScholar

 Every month I help parents homeschool though high school by publishing an email newsletter. January is a great time to look back and see all we have learned in the past year. Join me below for a 2014 homeschool year in review with The HomeScholar.


Complete the FAFSA for Fun and ProfitComplete the FAFSA for Fun and Profit


iTired: Dealing with Homeschool FatigueiTired: Dealing with Homeschool Fatigue


Know Your State Homeschool LawKnow Your State Homeschool Law


Know Your State Homeschool LawHow to Create an Extraordinary Activity List for Perfectly Ordinary Teens


Big Changes Coming with the Redesigned SAT Big Changes Coming with the Redesigned SAT 


TechnoLogic: Setting Logical Boundaries on Technology with Your TeenTechnoLogic: Setting Logical Boundaries on Technology with Your Teen


The Senior Year Home Stretch The Senior Year Home Stretch 


Teaching Geeks: Homeschooling High School with Techie TeensTeaching Geeks: Homeschooling High School with Techie Teens


9 Ways to Actually Get Math Done This Year 9 Ways to Actually Get Math Done This Year 


2 Weeks to the PSAT: One Simple Step a Day to Prepare for the PSAT 2 Weeks to the PSAT: One Simple Step a Day to Prepare for the PSAT 


Super-Size Scholarships with Outside Documentation Super-Size Scholarships with Outside Documentation 


5 Ways to Collect Christmas Credits5 Ways to Collect Christmas Credits

 Learn more about homeschooling! 

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 Share with Your Friends! 

 At the end of each article, you will find the web link and Pinterest link, so you can easily share, post, or pin on your favorite social media! At the end of the article is often where you will find printables, infographics, and other resources for each topic.

 Support Your Local Homeschool Organization! 

 My online articles are a free service to the homeschool community. These articles can be used by local homeschool groups, so share them with your newsletter editor. These articles may be reprinted without permission if used in full, including the copyright and bio below the article. They just can’t be used in a book or other publication for rent or sale. Learn more about how to reprint articles.

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