Everybody, at one time or another, deals with unmotivated teens. Find out how you can deal with your slug-slow teen.

Plan ahead to deal with your slow-as-molasses teen. 

  1. ‚ÄčDo be sure to keep school to a reasonable number of hours.
  2. Do be sure you don't plan curriculum that is too advanced.
  3. Do be sure to plan for increased sleep needs in teens.
  4. Do be sure to mix active subjects and seated work.
  5. Do be sure you have reasonable expectations.
  6. Do be sure they will be challenged, not bored.
  7. Do be sure it would be doable even for you.
  8. Do be sure you aren't expecting perfection.
  9. Do be flexible, homeschooling is not a race.
  10. Do be sure you have a back up plan
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10 'Do Be's' for Dealing with Slug-Slow Teens #Homeschool @TheHomeScholar.