When you compete for a scholarship, chances are someone is going to lose. Usually there is more than one qualified applicant. Someone will come up short. But if you need scholarships, then it will pay off if you apply to MANY scholarship applications, to improve your chance.

Win or lose, there is the chance of a great reward!

Applying for an application may take a lot of work - often the child needs to write a scholarship application essay. Even though your child might not think so, there are benefits to both winning and losing in this process. Of course, the benefits of winning are that you’ll get admission, or money for college. It might only be enough money for books or college fees, but even a small benefit can sometimes lead to a bigger benefit. Each time your student wins something, even a small thing, that’s an opportunity to write to their college admission people and tell them they won something. Sometimes, that prompts them to value your student more, and offer them more.

Sure, the process has that lovely benefit of developing patience! Beyond that, though, homeschoolers have additional perks. Your child can still get high school credit for all the work they put into applications, and they’re also learning valuable skills about writing an essay. Practice makes perfect when it comes to writing, and filling out all those applications will make them better at writing. They’ll be able to fill out job applications and other college applications better in the future, because of this experience.

No experience is ever a total loss! That itself is a great lesson for our teens to learn!

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