Are you creating a library of wonderful books at home? When you are making purchases for the coming school year, remember that these are books that can stay in your house forever. Make sure they are good, worthy books!

I love this infographic - a classification chart for book readers, as if we are some new species of animal!  Haha

What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic

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If you would like some help finding great books for high school kids, look over my College Bound Reading List for inspiration!

For reluctant readers, focus on very short classic books. There are many great literary works that are remarkably short. Read aloud the first chapter, to get them started with the story and pronunciation of character names.

For kinesthetic learners who learn through action, focus on books with active main characters. Again, short books may be helpful, but it’s even more important to choose active main characters, rather than primarily pensive characters, so they are relateable to your child.

For voracious readers, feed their book hunger with quality literature rather than junk. You can increase their intake of great books by simply offering “collections” rather than individual books.

Remember to save all the books they read, and put them on your high school reading list!

What species of reader are you? Share in the comments below