Great news!  In The Great State of Washington, 24 kids out of 100 don't graduate high school!  Oh, wait... that's not good news!  When you really think of it, a 24% drop out rate is amazingly high!

What is YOUR graduation rate?  What is the rate for your local high school?  What is the rate for your own homeschool?

I know a LOT of homeschoolers, representing a huge variety of kids and educational styles, and I haven’t seen ONE that wasn’t prepared for either college or the work force. That’s because homeschooling allows you to move at your child’s individual pace in every single subject, and to teach anything you think is important for them to know before they graduate.  There’s no unwieldy bureaucracy that determines when you move on to the next grade, and you have the flexibility to change your plans whenever you need to.

The Seattle Times reported that Washington State averaged 76 percent graduation rate (based on 2010-11 data).  Previous statistics have been inaccurate, due to the variety of methods used to determine the numbers, but this study used the same method across all states to calculate how many freshmen graduated four years after they entered high school. The state with the highest on-time graduation rate was Iowa, with 88 percent.  The lowest was Nevada, with 62 percent. All of those rates are the same in one respect.  They are too high!

Flexibility gives homeschoolers the advantage: we know that colleges like to see 3-4 years of English, math, social studies and science on the transcript, so with that in mind we can plan our children’s high school courses to equip them with everything they need to succeed in college, while working at their individual level.

You ARE capable of giving your child a superior education, and they will graduate and be prepared for whatever they want to do next.

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