what drives you crazy

What Drives You Crazy?

I thought I would take a break from our usual serious fare and share a brief YouTube video we made back in 2009.

The boys were back from college and we had our cousins over for a visit. We decided to have some fun and make a video of one of our family's funniest homeschool memories. It is a little drama (trauma?) we call "The Frantic Plumber Song." It shows me balancing cooking, cleaning, company, and a plumbing crisis with the help of my "ever-attentive" children. I hope you enjoy!

What Drives You Crazy May Be Your Child's Gift

Finding your child’s area of specialization is an important part of our job as homeschooling parents. Every child has their own unique gifts but some are easier to spot than others. Sometimes parents see their child’s faults more easily than their strengths. A gift is something your child does repeatedly ... to the point of driving you crazy!

The next time you feel annoyed with your child, ask yourself if you are looking at one of their gifts. Is it annoying and do they do it so often because this is how they are wired? This may be what they are meant to do!

I’m not saying all mothers get annoyed with their children, but I sure did! Look at what they do that annoys you and see if it is because they have different gifts then you do. Then ask yourself how you can encourage this gift. Help your child understand their gifts and calling.

What does your child do that drives you crazy? Please share!

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Please note: This post was originally published in April 2009 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.