Homeschoolers, and families that are forced homeschoolers, are faced with canceled college admission tests and colleges have closed their campuses and canceled college visits. Colleges are struggling to adapt the normal application process in these unusual times.  

Times are strange and unprecedented right now. Everyone is in the same boat - much confusion and an unknown future. Public and private high schools have stopped for a couple of months (and many for the remainder of the year), some have changed their policies to allow pass/fail grades that will give credit to the student, and, much of the online learning has been fraught with limited success, at best. In addition, students are having trouble reaching their guidance counselors and high school staff, which means, they likely don't understand the process of admission and are having trouble going through that process.  

So. What can you expect with all of these changes happening around the world of college admissions?‚Äč 

Here is what we know right now. 

 Coronavirus Covid-19 Response and 11th Graders

* expect flexible test options
* expect flexible requirements for admission
* expect more personalize holistic assessment of applications
* fewer in-person college visits
* more college engagement on social media
* expect online visits
* look for colleges closer to home
* expect flexible deadlines for admission
* expect most incoming students to have financial need
* consider a possible gap year

Read more information on how your student can demonstrate college interest online in my blog post, 39 Ways to Deomonstrate Interest in a College and Maximize Scholarships.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Response and 12th Graders

* expect colleges to extend their admission reply date
* consider requesting a Financial Aid Appeal from Financial Aid Office
* consider requesting a deferral to postpone your admission decision
* expect most incoming students to have financial need
* consider accepting a college offer close to home
* be patient as registration and orientation are delayed
* it's possible college classes may not be on campus at first * colleges may have social distancing with smaller or online classes
* consider a gap year if college in unaffordable at this time 

More than ever, Gap Year's might be a helpful transition into college. Read more information about taking a Gap Year in my article,  Gap Year: Time Off for Good Behavior.

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We're all in this together! Hang in there - things are bound to turn around soon.