A Quick Homeschool Transcript Tip

Your child is in senior year and it's time to send the homeschool transcript! Some colleges want to see a hard copy of your homeschool transcript, a paper copy sent through snail mail. Other colleges, and some organizations such as camps and prospective employers, require you to provide your child's transcript by email. Here's a quick homeschool transcript tip for sending by email. A Quick Homeschool Transcript Tip When submitting your child's transcript electronically, make sure nobody...

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Homeschooling High School is a Lot Like Exercise Videos

My girlfriend Laura was chatting with me about the workout video Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred one day. It claims that I could lose 20 pounds in 30 days. I was watching  the demo on YouTube (sitting in front of my computer in a cushioned, swivel chair) thinking about getting the video so I would be in shape for all the upcoming weddings. Great idea, right? Then my husband brought me back to reality. "It looks hard....

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Listing Classes on a Transcript that Aren't Done Yet

I often get questions from homeschooling parents. Melissa had a question about how to list classes on a transcript when submitting to colleges. Listing Classes on a Transcript that Aren't Done Yet I'm going to ask a dumb question. I need to send the transcript to a college this week and this is my first time sending one. How do I list the classes which have not been completed and for which I've not yet calculated...

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How Do I Show a Public School and Homeschool Mix on a Transcript?

Did your child start high school in a public school and then began homeschooling in 10th or 11th grade? Or did your child start high school as a homeschooler and finish up in a public school? Regardless of the details, how do you include a mix of homeschooling and public schooling on a transcript? Click on Lee's video below for some ideas to help you indicate all the ways your child was educated on your homemade...

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What is Your High School Graduation Rate?

Great news!  In The Great State of Washington, 24 kids out of 100 don't graduate high school!  Oh, wait... that's not good news!  When you really think of it, a 24% drop out rate is amazingly high! What is YOUR graduation rate?  What is the rate for your local high school?  What is the rate for your own homeschool?I know a LOT of homeschoolers, representing a huge variety of kids and educational styles, and I haven’t...

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How to Document Homeschool Co-op Classes

Have you ever struggled to document your students co-op classes? I’ve had a few questions lately from homeschool families who are struggling to do this very thing. All co-ops have particular elements that make their classes unique and it can be hard to develop a class description for these classes when you weren’t the one teaching your student, but you want to make sure and get all of your students credits on their high school transcripts....

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What Goes on the Homeschool Transcript?

By the time you’re finishing your student’s high school transcript during their senior year, you may start wondering how you can possibly fit any more information on that one little page!  But make sure you’ve got all the important stuff there! A parent recently asked me whether she should put her child’s SAT scores and her grading scale on their transcript, and my answer, in general, is yes!  Including this information on the transcript can imply that...

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Total Transcript Solution at Your Service!

 While there are lots of resources for homeschooling high school on The HomeScholar website, one of the most popular is our Total Transcript Solution (TTS).  What many people don’t realize is that this program can be used over time, and for more than one student!  If you have a lot of children, TTS is a really good value, because you can use it for an unlimited number of students for as long as you want. You’re...

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Transcripts or Course Descriptions?

   Although most homeschool students utilize transcripts for college admissions, many students are also now submitting a homeschool portfolio when they apply to colleges.  What’s the difference, and why should you use a portfolio?  In general, a transcript is a one-page piece of paper that gives a college the opportunity to get a snapshot of your student, and decide whether they get a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down on admissions.  A portfolio, also known as a comprehensive...

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Book Saves Bacon! Result Priceless!

I was chatting with my Friends on Facebook, kind of complaining about a lack of summer in Seattle actually, and Anna commented about how my book, Setting the Records Straight, "saved her bacon" LOL!  It was so sweet, but then she sent a follow -up message. Anna wrote: "I would be remiss if I didn't give credit where credit is due. The hardest part was starting the transcript. I stared at my header for a few...

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Hand Holding Calms Nerves

As a nurse working in a hospital,  I learned that the warm touch of hand-holding can improve heath and healing.  I think it's true for homeschoolers as well! I loved what Anita wrote in this note about hand-holding!Dear Lee, I want to thank you so very much for all the hand holding for my first graduate.  It was so nice to be able to email you with questions that I had regarding my daughters transcripts and...

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Facebook HELP! Honors? Boy Scouts?

I can't really do a lot of "consulting" on Facebook, but sometimes I can help in a moment of panic, and provide a quick tip!  Jeannine wrote on my Facebook wall "HELP!!!!! What do you consider an honors course to be? I am putting together David's transcript and am not sure if I should leave that category on the grade criteria. Also Lee, what about listing his time in Boy Scouts and his making Eagle? Do...

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Crazy Lifestyle of Learning

 Lots of homeschoolers have a "Crazy Lifestyle of Learning".  I'm a huge fan of Delight Directed Learning , and I love helping my members turn that into words and numbers that colleges understand - and putting those on a Homeschool Transcript. Here is one example!"My son spends his remaining school day working on film projects. He had already won two contests. I took him to the San Antonio Christian film festival academy a few Weeks back....

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Setting the Records Straight receives a RAVE review!

 Recently, my book, Setting the Records Straight, received a fantastic review from Lisa at Home School Enrichment Magazine!"If you are a homeschooling parent who feels intimidated or overwhelmed by the thought of seeing your high schooler through the process of applying for college admissions, then you must read Lee Binz’s book, Setting the Records Straight. Ms. Binz shares her experience and expertise on how to write transcripts that reflect your student’s academic achievements and unique talents and strengths. Because...

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Comprehensive Record Solution Review by Molly Evert of My Audio School

 Comprehensive Record SolutionReview by Molly Evert of My Audio SchoolI recently completed the records for my homeschooled son’s freshman year in high school.  I was nervous about writing his transcript and unsure about how to best showcase my child’s unique strengths, but Lee Binz demystified the process for me with her Comprehensive Record Solution.  In hindsight I needn’t have worried so much about the transcript, as it didn’t take me long to put it together once I had a good...

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