5 Reasons to Teach High School Science

5 Reasons to Teach High School Science Parents sometimes look to me to reassure them it’s OK not to teach science in high school. The bad news for them is, it really is important! The good news is, I will show you how to make it as painless and enjoyable as possible!When pressed, I give five strong reasons to face the situation and teach science. Reason 1: Science is required for high school graduation Almost all...

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Botany for High School Credit

Colleges want to see three sciences and at least one science lab, but you still have a lot of freedom within those requirements.My daughter has expressed interest in studying Botany for this year (she's a freshman) instead of studying a traditional Biology course.  I have found a great course for her as well as additional supplemental materials.  I want to make sure before I purchase the materials that our course will be accepted by colleges/universities as...

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Science Options Outside the Box

This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte. Your child has already taken biology and chemistry classes in your homeschool. What kind of science options outside the box can you come up with next? Unless your child has excelled in math, physics may not be a good option. High school physics is very math-based, and unless your child has completed pre-calculus, I don't recommend...

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The Road to Independent Learning: Homeschool Science

The Road to Independent Learning: Homeschool Science Independent learning is a process, and being able to work independently on biology usually comes along early in that process. I've seen children successfully learn biology on their own, my own two sons included. I am happy to share how we did it - just remember that every child and family is unique.We used Apologia Biology. I had a list of assignments that told my children what pages to read...

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Homeschool Introduction to Engineering Class

Homeschool parents of budding engineers, listen up! Engineering is a LOT of fun, but a future in engineering requires some math and science.My 14 year old will be participating in the First Lego League in which he will 1) Build and program a small robot to accomplish challenges and 2) investigate a research topic then prepare a presentation. Both activities culminate in a competition with other teams at a regional tournament. This is to build science,...

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How Do I Teach Chemistry?

How Do I Teach Chemistry? Are you wondering how on earth you can cover chemistry in your homeschool high school? Click on Lee's video below for tips on how to teach chemistry!How do you teach high school chemistry? Please share! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!For planning your chemistry class and any high school courses, check out my online training class: Planning High...

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Homeschool High School Lab Science

Why would anyone skip Biology Lab? What could possibly be more fun than dissecting critters and peeping through a microscope, and what is a lab science anyway?Biology lab can be a lot of fun, but it's also fairly expensive, which is something I discuss in my Special Report, 7 Secrets to Homeschooling Though a Financial Storm. Holly read the report and had a follow up question.Dear Lee,I just read your special report and think it was...

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What is Your High School Graduation Rate?

Great news!  In The Great State of Washington, 24 kids out of 100 don't graduate high school!  Oh, wait... that's not good news!  When you really think of it, a 24% drop out rate is amazingly high! What is YOUR graduation rate?  What is the rate for your local high school?  What is the rate for your own homeschool?I know a LOT of homeschoolers, representing a huge variety of kids and educational styles, and I haven’t...

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The Great Courses: Honors, or Just High School Credit?

Homeschoolers use lots of different resources, and one of the ones I’ve recommended in the past are The Great Courses.  With choices in science, mathematics, business and economics (just to name a few), many homeschoolers are utilizing these classes.  Parents have asked me whether the Great Courses should be considered AP Honor’s classes or high school level, but it really depends on how you utilize them. Obviously, the high school courses they offer are high school...

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Honors Science

What is honors?  When do you put honors on a title?  Is Apologia Science an honors curriculum?Is Apologia Science courses, plus labs considered honors on a high school transcript. (Biology, Chemistry, etc.) - SallyDear Sally,If the authors/publishers of your curriculum, Apologia Science, say it is a honors course, then you can call it honors.If your child passes a honors level test after taking taking the course, then you might call it honors. (AP or CLEP exam...

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Can we get real?

I really appreciate when other real parents allow me to share their stories.  Recently Lois contacted me about this blog post: Our Community College Stories.  Here is the story that Lois has allowed me to share about her daughter. Interesting Lee. One area my daughter did well in was in our local Community College.Our successful method was — talking to students about the professors; getting recommendations about them in conjunction with I found the latter to...

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Summer Fun with Camp

I saw an article in the newspaper about a spectacular summer camp for computer-loving techie kids. Summer camps have long been part of the American experience for children and teenagers, and for the last 30 years or so, computers and technology have added to the equation. "What we're trying to do is to take a child's hobby and show how to turn it into a potential career," Safran said. "This summer, Karen Katzenberger, 13, of Fall...

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Encouraging Girls in Math and Science

There are more girls going to college than there are boys.  Girls are in the majority, so they are less likely to receive admission and financial aid.....  except in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  In those areas, girls are still in the minority.   You can encourage your young women to pursue a college major in STEM, and it might improve their chances of admission and financial aid.  One of my clients recommended Expanding Your Horizons conferences...

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Homeschool Science - High School Curriculum Choices

A simple comment from a well-meaning friend can make you question your own judgment.  With science curriculum, as with all curriculum, it's more about what fits your child that what others are using or recommend. Mary wrote on Facebook:"I am struggling with choosing a high school science curriculum.  My problem is that I hear things from just a few people that make me doubt my choices. Is there some source that homeschoolers can check out that...

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STEM Scholarships for Homeschoolers

Scholarships abound for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Tracie wrote on Facebook: "Lee, When is the best time to start applying for scholarships, of any kind? What about the essays, any tips/hints? How many should you apply for?"Tracie, many private scholarships like this are available junior year, but most are for senior year in high school, starting the summer before senior year. Scholarships from colleges are something you apply to when you apply to the...

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