How Do I Prove My Child is Educated?

In this video, I talk about how to prove to the colleges that your child's homeschool education is rigorous. Here are a couple of brief articles that will give you more info on registering for the SAT and ACT tests. This one has links for waivers from the testing sites: Click on "Register" or "Registration":  Fee Waivers for Tests and Applications This one has links to Sample tests:  Should I Choose the SAT or ACT for...

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Is the SAT a Graduation Requirement?

In this video, I discuss whether the SAT and ACT are required for high school graduation. For personal support join the Gold Care Club! If you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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Living Overseas? How to Plan a College Visit

I have so many military and missionary members and subscribers, sometimes I feel like I travel the globe as I talk to people.  It's so fun! I often get questions about how my military and missionary friends can plan for college visits.When homeschoolers live overseas, make the best use of your breaks in the US.  Visit colleges, as many as you can, during your visits back to the US. For overseas families, try to find colleges that...

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Take the SAT Right On Time

Taking the SAT Right on Time Junior year is a VERY busy year, with lots of moving parts.  Taking the PSAT, SAT and ACT, studying for the tests, visiting colleges ...  it can all be overwhelming!  Elise asked me a question about taking tests in junior year, and exactly when it's "too late" for the SAT.I so appreciate all your books, classes, etc and just wanted to ask if there's any disadvantage to taking the SAT in June...

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Reach, Fit and Safety Colleges

Ah statistics!  You gotta love 'em!  Except when you don't....   But if you DO like numbers, this blog post is for you!  Let me explain the concept of "reach, fit, and safety" for math lovers!To find a reach, fit, and safety college, you have to look at "Admissions Data" found online and in books.  Little tip; just Google the school name and the words "admission data" and you'll find it. Then compare it to your...

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How Much For This Test Score?

I wish I could give nice, concrete, set-in-stone answers for everyone.  Especially when it comes to money, it's so important to get answers.  But paying for college is a lot like buying a house.  It requires a lot of estimation as well as serious research.Are there any charts out there that break down SAT and ACT  scores and scholarship dollars?  I understand that all colleges do not cost the same and the dollar amount in scholarships...

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Fee Waivers for Tests and Applications

Homeschooling isn't cheap.  We pay for our own curriculum, supplies, and teacher manuals.  It doesn't get cheaper as kids get older, either!  For some families, finances are a HUGE issue, even while they are committed to homeschooling through high school.  Here is some helpful advice for these parents who are thinking about college admission. Two important truthsHomeschoolers tend to be single-income families.Homeschoolers love to save money.Two important expensesSAT and ACT tests are required for admission, and...

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SAT Entirely in Aramaic?

High school testing is a subject that interests many of my clients. There is something about seeing an acronym of letters that makes homeschooling parents nervous. Never fear! Prepping for and taking the SAT is not a scary thing.  Today Jennifer Karan, Executive Director of the SAT Program at shares more reasons why we should lower our misconceptions of the SAT. Three Misconceptions about the SATBy: Jennifer Karan, Executive Director of SAT Program at the College Board®Though...

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Do you REALLY need that test?

The SAT and ACT are college admission tests, used for college admission purposes.  Some colleges will want those test scores even if your child is older, in order for them to enter for an undergraduate degree.  Because it's hard to forecast the future, I suggest giving one of those tests to students regardless of the situation.  Although it's relatively painless to take the test as a high school student, it would be much more painful to...

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Classics that can Raise SAT Scores

 Hi Lee,One of the times I heard you speak, you mentioned a certain publisher of literature books (classics) by a particular author that you had your boys read to prepare for the SAT. They were unique in the fact that on the back of each page words were defined.I cannot find that information in my file of notes from you. Do you recall those books, and would you mind sending me the name? Thank you for...

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Important Tip for Parents of Seniors!

 Important Tip for Parents of Seniors!One of my friends saw me at the store and asked me a simple little question. "What should my senior be doing right now?" I suggest the following checklist just for seniors:1. Fill out the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.govThe FAFSA is a government form you fill out to determine your financial "need" for scholarships. Financial aid is sometimes "first come - first served" so apply as soon as possible in January.2. Apply...

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Above Average is Good!

Once you get the PSAT scores, what happens next?  Have your children take the SAT or ACT in the spring of junior year.My daughter is going to take the SAT in Mar 2012. She's taken the PSAT and we had her scores sent to our home. But when it comes to the SAT scores I was thinking of doing the same thing and then we personally send the scores to the colleges. Is that the best...

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Is the SAT or ACT best for my homeschooler?

I am praying you can help answer this. How do I know, if she will do better on ACT or the SAT? I want her to go with the test that best fits her. Any ideas on this? Thank you for your help,~ Bertie in WashingtonDear Bertie,You can’t find out until she has utilized a trial test at home. Just a sample test at home, one for SAT and also one for ACT. After that, find...

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Senior Year Tests

Why, oh WHY would you submit willingly to the torture of standardized tests?  Well...  money, for one thing!Kim asked me on Facebook, "Is there any point in a senior taking the ACT again in December? Applications and transcripts will already be turned in by the time we get the results."Kim, yes, there is a point to this madness!  I encourage you to have your child take it again IF you think they can get a better...

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Homeschooling Teens – Colleges Seek Independent Homeschoolers

Stanford University Magazine had a write-up regarding a gifted homeschool student.  I love this quotation: “It’s the spark, the passion, that sets the truly exceptional student-the one driven to pursue independent research and explore difficult concepts from a very early age-apart from your typical bright kid.  Stanford wants students who have it.  Looking very closely at homeschoolers is one way to get more of those special minds, the admission office has discovered."  As Reider explains it:...

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