Why Participate in Screen-Free Week?

Why Participate in Screen-Free Week? Earlier this week, I shared, What is Screen-Free Week? Now you may be wondering, "Why Participate in Screen-Free Week?"Why should your child participate in Screen-Free Week?Because ... this is your child on technology! Check out these photos of zoned out kids watching TV.Because ... screen addiction is taking its toll on children. "Parents, grateful for ways to calm disruptive children and keep them from interrupting their own screen activities, seem to be...

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12 Reasons for Setting Technology Boundaries with Children

Did you know? There are so many good reasons to set technology boundaries for your children! I have put together twelve that I feel are the most important. You can read more about why you should set boundaries, as well as tips for setting those boundaries in my article, TechnoLogic: Setting Logical Boundaries on Technology with Your Teen.Do you have rules restricting technology in your household? Share in the comments, below. And start setting technology boundaries...

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10 Great Ways to Create Wholesome Technology Boundaries

10 Great Ways to Create Wholesome Technology Boundaries How do you determine appropriate technology boundaries that work for you and your family? You have 10 ways to create boundaries that will work at any age. It's very important to find technology boundaries with children of all ages, so they can have a healthy, happy childhood and grow into healthy, happy young adults!Control the LocationStart with the easiest way to control technology – location. Many of the...

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Educating the Google Generation

Many parents struggle with the amount of time their children spend on computers and electronic equipment.For boys it may be gaming like crazy, and parents may have a hard time turning their attention from the screen.For girls, it may be the cell phone and social media calling their name constantly.Even though you can (and should) set limits on screen time, the attraction seems almost insatiable! Of course, a lot of studies have touted the advantages of...

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