How to Make an Official Home School Transcript [Infographic]

How to Make an Official Home School Transcript [Infographic]
How do you make an official homeschool transcript? You translate your normal, natural homeschool experience into words and numbers that colleges under...
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Common Application Homeschool FAQ Infographic

Common Application Homeschool FAQ Infographic
Common Application Homeschool FAQ Infographic Common Application FAQ: How to Answer Those Tricky Questions   “What is your title?” Guidance counselor Home Educator Homeschool Parent “Graduating class size” 1 N/A Not applicable “Are classes taken on a block schedule?” No N/A Not applicable “Graduation date” 06/16 (Insert June of senior year) “Do you use AP curriculum?” Yes (if approved by College Board) No (if not approved - they still accept AP scores) “Do you provide applicant's...
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Guest — Leslie Nelsen
Are you a member of a homeschool association is not an optional question (perhaps this changed). I'm not sure what they are seeki... Read More
Tuesday, 29 October 2019 22:37
Hi Leslie, Hi Leslie, They want to know if your homeschooler is part of a homeschool association or diploma program of some sort... Read More
Tuesday, 29 October 2019 23:28
Guest — Leslie
Thank you so much for the help Robin. It really isn't clear what they are asking for and I appreciate your help on this!
Wednesday, 30 October 2019 00:44
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College Cost Infographic

College Cost Infographic
This infographic has some interesting information about college. Scroll down and look at the college majors with the highest unemployment.  Compare that to the starting pay for some of those college majors. These are good details to know when you are looking at the cost of college.Will your child get a job?Can your child earn enough to pay off college debt?Our children don't always understand the long-term consequences of college debt, and we need to help...
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Guest — JW
When was that graphic made? It looks accurate for about 2007, at least for computer science! My husband used to earn about what ... Read More
Monday, 03 February 2014 19:54
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