How to Keep High School Records

Did you keep records in one big folder or did you keep each subject's records in it's own folder?   Where did you keep the transcript?   Or the things that didn't fit into a folder?~ Diane in Oklahoma Dear Diane,I had one three-ring binder for each child, and used a new one for each year.  That allowed me enough space to have records for every class, and keep samples for each class as well. I kept the...

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NEWSFLASH! Homeschool Mom Graduates. Son Off to College!

This note was SO encouraging to me, I knew I had to share it with you all.Hi Lee,I am taking a few moments to write to you before we send Jacob off to college on Sunday. Lee when I found your website and materials it was such a blessing! I had been struggling to create a transcript using some pretty expensive software and was just not having much success. From the very first time I spoke with...

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Our First Comprehensive Record Solution Review!

Sally is a client I helped with comprehensive records.  She made such beautiful records, I asked her to review my latest creation, the Comprehensive Record Solution.  By the way, Sally let me include all of her course descriptions in the my Course Description Collection, which comes with the purchase of the Comprehensive Record Solution.Dear Lee,WOW!!!!!!  I love this product. Oh, how I wish it would have been available a couple of years ago!!  Still, the info...

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Should Homeschoolers Worry About Portfolios?

Dear Lee,I am reading Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook by  Cafi Cohen.  I know the books is a bit dated.  Should  homeschoolers worry about portfolios anymore?  I don't really recall you talking about them.Blessings,~ KatePortfolios are also called course descriptions, comprehensive records, and other names.  A portfolio is technically more of an art major or unschooling "scrapbook" of work.  That's why I opted to call mine a comprehensive record.Many colleges (most?) want course descriptions, and it can...

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