College Cost Infographic

College Cost Infographic
This infographic has some interesting information about college. Scroll down and look at the college majors with the highest unemployment.  Compare that to the starting pay for some of those college majors. These are good details to know when you are looking at the cost of college.Will your child get a job?Can your child earn enough to pay off college debt?Our children don't always understand the long-term consequences of college debt, and we need to help...
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Guest — JW
When was that graphic made? It looks accurate for about 2007, at least for computer science! My husband used to earn about what ... Read More
Monday, 03 February 2014 19:54
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Real Life Homeschool Education

Real Life Homeschool Education
It can be difficult to determine when an activity should be considered a high school course or just an activity.  Everyone has an opinion, and different parents may handle the same situation in a different way.  Stephanie asked for my opinion on getting high school credit for work experience. My son has been working at a restaurant as a cook for several months.  In order to keep this job, he had to memorize the entire menu...
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Guest — Lee
Dear Dawn, My vote would be for calling the dog walking a PE class. Volunteer work is more suited to helping with a non-profit. F... Read More
Monday, 11 October 2010 18:10
Guest — Dawn in Ohio
That brings up another thought. Our 15-year-old son has volunteered to walk a very difficult Australian shepherd dog for an elder... Read More
Monday, 11 October 2010 15:56
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