Common Application Homeschool FAQ Infographic

Common Application Homeschool FAQ Infographic Common Application FAQ: How to Answer Those Tricky Questions   “What is your title?” Guidance counselor Home Educator Homeschool Parent “Graduating class size” 1 N/A Not applicable “Are classes taken on a block schedule?” No N/A Not applicable “Graduation date” 06/16 (Insert June of senior year) “Do you use AP curriculum?” Yes (if approved by College Board) No (if not approved - they still accept AP scores) “Do you provide applicant's...

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College Scholarships for Homeschoolers

College Scholarships for Homeschoolers Lets play the "College website" game! Check out this college's explanation of academic merit scholarships online: UVU Academic Merit Scholarships.  What can you learn? First, their financial aid is DIRECTLY tied to ACT scores. By studying for the test, you can save thousands of dollars. Second, notice how easily they can convert an SAT score to an ACT score. Colleges are used to seeing both tests. Third, GPA matters. Although this college doesn't...

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45 Tips for Earning Big Scholarships

The best scholarships come to those with the biggest effort. If your child has a college interview, be prepared! Read these 45 tips for earning big college scholarships and be well prepared for any college interview or scholarship competition. You've done a great job educating your kids. They are bright, intelligent, well socialized and have an area of passionate interest. They have all the required classes, great grades, excellent test scores, and wonderful letters of recommendation. You...

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Homeschooling: What About Prom?

When you tell people you are homeschooling high school, you may get some pretty unusual questions. What about college? What about scholarships? What about socialization? For me, the strangest question was always, "What about Prom?" Yeah... what about it?Homeschoolers who want to have a prom can create one! Read this article, about a homeschool group that got together to make a Prom for their high school students. Appleton-area homeschoolers experience razzle-dazzle of high school dance Teens...

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