Teaching Teens to Sleep is Important

Teaching Teens to Sleep is Important
Is Sleep the Only Reason Homeschool Kids are Healthier & Happier?Recently I read an article Homeschoolers Are Healthier and Happier Than Public or Private School Students about sleep and success in high school.It stated that homeschooled students are healthier and happier, due in large part to the fact that they get more sleep than their schooled peers.  It reminded me of when my children were toddlers, and how difficult it was to convince them to sleep.  Now again...
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Guest — Leslie Klein Thompson
I feel each child is different. For my youngest child,just turned 10, sleep is a huge factor. Her biological clock is a late one. ... Read More
Friday, 28 June 2013 15:04
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Unexpected Benefits of the PSAT

Unexpected Benefits of the PSAT
There are lots of benefits of taking the PSAT; practicing for an important test, receiving financial aid for college.  Last week I found an unexpected benefit!  When children see a public school environment, it can have surprisingly positive consequences!  This letter from Sheri explains what her son learned in school the day he took the PSAT. What a Difference a Day Makes!Hi Lee,I thought you might enjoy hearing about my son's day (well, really just a...
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