A while ago, a segment of one of my newsletters was plagiarized. I consulted my in-house “lawyer in training” – my son Alex.

Whenever I think of our discussion that day, it really warms my heart. On one Sunday, in our “Love and Respect” Sunday School class, I think I finally recognized why Alex’s assistance had been so important to me that day. He was defending me – which was showing that he loved me.

In the book, it tells a good deal about cycles, and ways love LEADS TO respect, and respect LEADS TO love. Therefore I started contemplating what I did to show my son respect that day. I think that the moment when I wanted to know his view of the issue, adult to adult, was the moment that he knew I respected him. We won’t even look at all the times I completely *fail* at the love and respect cycle, but I did think it was interesting to look at a situation in which it worked. I hope it will encourage you.

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