To Weight or Not to Weight... That is the Question!  Which is nobler?  Leanne asked about weighting rigorous courses.

What about Honors classes? I see you didn't "weight" the grade for Honors English. Don't the public schools do this? If I wanted to would I make it a 1.5 credit course, or a 5.0 for the grade? We used James Stobaugh for American Lit and it was very rigorous, plus Evan is taking Brit Lit with a teacher this year who is even more demanding (really a college level I think).


Dear Leanne,

That's right, I decided not to weight them - mostly because it was difficult.  I also found out that colleges will "re-weight" them to fit their own purposes.  If they want academic classes weighted, they will weight them for themselves.  If they don't like weighted classes, they will "un-weight" them by themselves.  When I found that out, I figured it was a big "why bother" for me.

Although I did not weight classes, I do have some blog posts that might help: How Much Does an AP Class Weigh? How Do You Assess a Homeschool High School Honors Credit? Give 110% to the College of your Choice!

After doing a ton of research, I found that weighting classes made my life more complicated, but it didn't improve our chances of scholarship and admission.  I did indicate classes which were "honors" classes, I just didn't give them a higher grading scale.  Colleges tend to focus more on test scores for scholarships.   If possible, have him take an AP or CLEP exam in those honors areas - that will have more of an impact (in my opinion.)  Good idea to check with colleges, and do what your first choice college prefers.  Remember, your transcript isn't "done" until you turn it in during senior year, so you have plenty of time you change your mind!

Readers, I would love to get your opinion on weighting honors classes.  What will you decide to do?

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