Today is a good day to work on a transcript.   Especially if you have a middle school student!
Stephanie wrote on Facebook:
"I'm thinking that I need to get my system in place. My daughter is in 8th grade, but she's working on a high school level so I'm going to start tracking and catching info. I know what to do from you, but now it's just the doing that I have to get started on!"

If your child is working at a high school level, why don't you just say you're going to PRETEND to make you transcript?  Pretend this year is 9th grade, and create your transcript as if ALL the classes count.  It will give you all the practice you need for formatting, and you can try on a template that you like.  You'll learn how to determine a grade, and figure out credit values.  You will understand the meaning of a good course title.  Just pretend like the whole year of 8th grade counts for real.

Later, after you have practiced and feel confident, you can change the transcript to something based in reality.  Take off all the classes that did NOT use high school curriculum.  Put all the high school level classes in a section called "Early High School Credits."  Then use that as the basis for your transcript the following year.

Practice makes perfect!

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