The other day, a client asked me, “What is the best way to record transcript credits for classes that do not fall within a given school year?”  This family homeschooled year-round, and had courses that spanned several ‘school years,’ so they wondered how to reflect that on their homeschool transcripts.

One of the best ways to handle this situation is to record the end date when you actually finish the course. That’s actually what our family did.  Some of our classes were completed in November, so I just wrote that down as the completion date on their transcript and course descriptions. Other people might record the credit it in the year where they did the bulk of the work. For instance, if they did the bulk of the work before June, they might list the credits under that year (i.e. sophomore year), which tends to make the transcript look a little bit more typical.

If you do homeschool year-round, you might end up with a lot of high school credits. If that happens to you, then you can explain the situation in a cover letter to the colleges, and say that you homeschooled year-round, which is why your student has more credits than might be expected.

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