Persistence can pay off with real money and big-time scholarships!

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A homeschooler was kind enough to share her success on my Facebook page. Her story is more like two successes, combined into one magnificent story.

In the first half of the story, she tells us about her child, struggling to earn college scholarships based on her SAT score.

My daughter was 10 points away from the number she needed for $2000 more in scholarships per year! I called the school and proclaimed that my daughter is NOT a number and that she was always just a poor test taker. It didn't matter. She took the SAT 3 times and the ACT, missing the number by 0.2 points in the conversion to SAT!!! She eventually got the number and the extra scholarship.

This young girl took the SAT again and it was worth $2,000 per year. Let's do the math ... that's $8,000 for taking a test! Because she took the test just one more time and because she studied, and tried to increase her score, it translated into big bucks.

How many hours did this teenager study in order to earn her portion, the $8,000? If she worked a LOT, perhaps she studied for 40 hours total. It is unusual to study that much, but it's possible. If she had studied that many hours, this young teenager would have been earning $200 per hour to study for the SAT! Is that worth it? Absolutely! In a heart beat! Do you know many teenagers that make $200 per hour? I don't!

In the second half of this story, this homeschool mom talks about how she was desperate and struggling to afford college for her children.

I also just wrote the college (private college) and asked if there were anymore scholarships available because I had 2 kids in college. They awarded her $2000 more per year!!! A letter worth $8000! Always ask!!!

This mom wrote a letter to ask for more scholarships. It was worth $2,000 per year. Quickly doing the math again, that's $8,000! Again, because Mom took the time to express her concerns.

Thank You (HSS Resources)

Let's do a quick review of the math:

One letter = $8000.
One morning = $8,000.
Total = $16,000

These are real dollars! How many hours would you need to work to earn $16,000?

Thank You (HSS Resources)

Please note: This post was originally published in October 2012 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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