In Lake Wobegon all the children are above average, but in the real world some kids struggle.  What is a parent to do?
I have a son with fairly significant learning disabilities.  He is dues to begin high school this fall.  He is on a sixth grade level in we keep I give him high school level credit for the math we do next year?  His writing looks like a second grader's ~ do we continue on and give high school credit for his English work?  He is 15 and says he really wants to go to college and I want to prepare him to do so, which means an intelligible but honest transcript.  thanks!
~ Carol

Hi Carol,

Yes, he can be in high school and yes, you can give him high school credit. I have an article about College for Struggling Learners that you may enjoy here.

Your question about high school credits is answered more fully in my free one-hour homeschool training webinar.

I hope this gives you the answer you need!

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