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Reading Aloud and Fond Family Feelings

I read aloud to my boys all through high school. At one point my eldest balked at the thought of a read aloud with his mom so I told him that my Honors English teacher in public school read aloud to my class (true story). About a month ago my kids told me how glad they are that we homeschooled them. They are now 26 and 28 years old. I asked them what they remembered best and they said the reading aloud. I think reading aloud is the intersection of fond family feelings plus academics which makes it the fondest memory of homeschooling.

I didn't read aloud over the summer or during the month of December, but I did read aloud four days a week, for about a half hour per day. I'm pretty sure I perfected the art of reading with my eyes closed when I was drowsy. I do suggest a cup of coffee first, for sure!

To start reading aloud, I suggest choosing books from my College Bound Reading List.

reading aloud

For younger children, check out my Middle School Reading list.

reading aloud

Do you enjoy reading aloud in your homeschool? Please share!


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