How to Homeschool College

Homeschooling college might not be for everyone, but for the student willing to put in the work, it can be an effective fast track to a college degree...

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Summer School Tips for Younger Teens

During the summer months we did a little homeschool every day, usually for about one hour total. I always made sure to include some math each summer, ...

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The CLT Test Alternative to SAT or ACT

You're likely familiar with the SAT® and ACT® tests, but are you familiar with the Classic Learning Test (CLT)? I'm not always able to spend...

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"Secrets of the College Launch" Master Class [Virtual Homeschool Convention]

Not everyone has a homeschool convention nearby. No fair! Let me help you with that! Today you can sign up for a convention all your own, that yo...

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Why College Preparation is Important for Homeschoolers

High school is like driving on auto-pilot. You arrive at the destination, but can't remember driving! When you homeschool high school, sometimes life ...

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Frustrated with High School Math?

Let's talk about frustration with high school math. As a home educator, you have the power to make things better. You can decide on the methods a...

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The Basics of High School Electives for Homeschoolers

Electives are subjects your children do on their own and they aren't always something you assign. You'll learn how to put high school e...

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Test Preparation Without Getting Smarter

When the SAT® or ACT® is just a few days away, test preparation shouldn't make you worry about getting smarter! Just prepare for the test. Sure, ...

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Who is the Best College Coach?

Preparing your child for college launch is more complex than it used to be. Desperate parents are increasingly turning to professional coaches that co...

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9 Tips to Earn More Scholarships

It's tempting to think that our goal is to get our children in to college. No, no! Our goal is that our children can get in AND afford to go to colleg...

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How to Be the Best College Coach for Your Child

Preparing your child for college launch is more complex than it used to be. Desperate parents are increasingly turning to professional coaches that co...

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High School Record Keeping Simply Explained

Here's how to keep high school records in 5 easy steps for under $10. You don't need an expensive system. In fact, owning a fancy system is no guarant...

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Essential Questions for Your College Visit

Visiting colleges is an important step in determining where your child will apply. It shows colleges that you are interested in coming to their school...

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How to Write Essays in High School

During Alex's first week at college, he came home and thanked me for a specific skill he learned when we were homeschooling. Believe it or not, he tha...

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Tips for Taking the PSAT®

Even though high school testing seems a bit daunting when you are getting ready to take the first one, these tips for taking the  PSAT® &nbs...

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