Should Homeschoolers Weight Grades?

Have you ever wondered if homeschoolers should weight grades? Perhaps you have heard of students taking AP® courses or honors courses and receiving a ...

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September Gold Care Club Updates

Check out what's new for this month in the Gold Care Club updates! How To Training CoursesQuick Start: Best Guidance CounselorBeginner: Preparing to H...

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They Grow Up and Leave Home: Sending Your Child to College

Homeschoolers LOVE their children. They love having children, they love being around their children, and they love having their children live at home....

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[Free Class!] The 12 Keys to High School Success

 Oh no! Did you miss our webinar event?Sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events.We'd love to have you join! H...

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September Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Can you believe it's already September? I can't! There's lots to do ~ check out the reminders below. They'll help you stay on track for a successful y...

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Parent Partnership Problems: Love with Some Strings Attached

When it comes to homeschooling high school, outside programs can seem appealing compared to homeschooling independently. At first glance, "accredited ...

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How to Write Course Descriptions

Are you wondering how to write course descriptions for your homeschool high school student? Creating course descriptions can be fairly straight forwar...

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Homeschooling Middle School with Powerful Purpose

PURPOSE FOR STUDENTSMiddle school is the pause between elementary school and high school. Children learn at different rates –not just homeschoolers, A...

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Colleges May Require, Request, or Appreciate Homeschool Course Descriptions

Most colleges require, request, or appreciate course descriptions. Most parents plan ahead by having homeschool course descriptions ready for college ...

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17 Top Tips for College-Bound Teens

17 Top Tips for College-Bound Teens

Headed to college? Eventually high school ends, the final class is finished, and graduation has been celebrated. Start looking forward to the next ste...

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[Free Class] Super Scholarships for Humble Homeschoolers

 Oh no! Did you miss our webinar event?Sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events.We'd love to have you join! Y...

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Recommended Study Guides for High School Test Prep for 2021-22

High school tests are updated and changed fairly often. For example, in the middle of last year, the SAT® dropped the essay portion of the test and co...

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August Gold Care Club Update

I hope your Gold Care Club membership will meet your needs this month! Take advantage of these August Gold Care Club updates between now and the ...

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How to Include Delight Directed Learning

I once heard a mom say, "I really need to teach my child music because all he ever does is play bluegrass, and bluegrass isn't real music." I almost l...

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August Homeschool Calendar Reminders

These August homeschool calendar reminders will keep you up to date in your work as you enjoy these last days of summer! Middle School: Your purpose a...

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