Mid-Year Grades for College Applications

During senior year, universities may ask you to provide mid-year grades, sometimes called a "mid-year report," in January. This is a regular part of t...

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[Book Excerpt] Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School

In this post, I share a selection from my book: Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School Grab the Kindle version HERE! When you choose to homeschoo...

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8 Resolutions You Can Finish Today

High school can be a stressful time for a homeschool mom, and many of the tasks seem huge and overwhelming. What if I told you there are some hom...

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Top 20 Homeschool Tips of 2021

I know you are busy and don't have much time, so here is a list of my most important homeschool tips from 2021. These tips and tricks are sure to help...

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Homeschool Math - Showing Your Work and Using Calculators

What are you fussing about today? I remember having conflict specifically about "showing your work" in homeschool math. Exactly how do you know when i...

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December Gold Care Club Update

Here's what's new for this month for the Gold Care Club! Don't miss out on all of these great resources while they're available ~ December 20 through ...

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How to Find Friends for Homeschool Socialization

Have you ever been asked, "How do homeschoolers make friends?" Or maybe you're new to homeschooling and wondering yourself, how DO homeschoolers make ...

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December Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Here are your homeschool calendar reminders for December! Middle School: High school level classes go on your child's high school transcript. Do you k...

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Pros and Cons of Public and Christian University [for Christian Parents]

I encourage parents to apply to both public and private universities. This short ebook explains the process of how to find a college: Finding a Colleg...

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Homeschool Foreign Language Requirements and Curriculum

The usual requirement for high school foreign or world language is two, three, or four years of a single language. Most high schools require language ...

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[Kindle Book] Graduate Your Homeschooler in Style

In this post, I share a selection from my book: Graduate Your Homeschooler in Style: Make Your Homeschool Graduation Memorable For many families, the ...

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Add an Abbreviated Activities List to Your Transcript

I strongly recommend having an abbreviated activity list on a homeschool transcript. It gives a well-rounded picture of the student and can allow for ...

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Apply for 4 to 8 Colleges

When considering college applications for homeschoolers, I think it's best if students apply for at least 4-8 colleges or universities, including a mi...

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November Gold Care Club Update

New this month for my Gold Care Club members!  *Gold Care Club members... be sure to read your email for an important announcement about consulta...

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Scholarships Come in Waves

Pursuing scholarships for homeschoolers is important, yet you may find yourself impatiently wondering how long it will take to learn what your child w...

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