Help with College Applications: Your Social Security Number is Private!

Should you put your social security number on a college application? That is a very common question that I hear from parents. Filling out college appl...

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What is the Difference Between an Accredited and Official Homeschool Transcript?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between an accredited and an official homeschool transcript? Well, let's start at the begin...

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How to Calculate Homeschool GPA

How to caluclate homeschool GPA. It's an area where homeschool parents everywhere get anxious at the thought of trying to do their child's transc...

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Homeschool Socialization - What You Need to Know

Socialization is not about a group of kids all the same age always being together. True socialization doesn't happen in a bubble and is abou...

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How to Put Fabulous Fun on Your Homeschool Transcript

Some people simply aren't textbook people! What do you do if your homeschooler learns by living, instead of studying textbooks? What if your child soa...

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A Quick Grading Estimate for Homeschool Parents

Let me guess. You didn't use tests on all your homeschool subjects, right? Neither did I! And yet, somehow, my children survived! Find out how to...

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Homeschooling in Washington State and the Running Start Program

Homeschool law usually isn't the same as the law covering public or private schools. Homeschooling in Washington State, for example, public ...

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What to Include on a Homeschool Transcript for College Applications

It's fall of senior year and you and your child are sitting down to submit college applications. Of course, your job will be much easier if the homesc...

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What Homeschool Families Need to Know About the Common Application

The Common Application can be the cause of anxiety for many homeschool families. You get into it and invariably there are questions that you have, as ...

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Homeschool Test Preparation for College Admission Tests

When your child is working hard on studying for college admission tests, like the SAT® or ACT®, you may be accumulating enough hours to make this...

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Simple Science for Homeschooling High School

"Houston, we have a problem!" Homeschool parents often approach teaching high school science as if being asked to build the space shuttle. But teachin...

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How to Write a Homeschool Profile Letter

Have you run across a college that is asking for a homeschool profile letter? I'll bet if that's happened to you, you're at a loss as to what they eve...

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Acronyms for Outside Classes on Homeschool Transcripts

When homeschoolers take classes outside the home, or use a tutor, the transcript can seem a little complicated. You can make it easily understand...

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How to Teach Homeschool High School Literature

Teaching homeschool high school literature is often a challenge for parents. It can be intimidating given that there are so many different kinds of li...

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Math Books Will Not Increase Your Test Scores

It's tempting to think that taking a pre-calculus or calculus class will help your SAT® or ACT® test scores, but it's not true! My High Scho...

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