Online classes are a TOOL you can use.  Don't allow them to become your taskmaster.

If you are using an accredited program for an online class, then you are not the teacher in charge.  The accredited teacher will provide a grade you can't alter, and your child will receive an accredited transcript that must be submitted to colleges when you apply.  However, if you are using a non-accredited program, YOU are the teacher.  Whether it's a casual coop, an online classical education taught by a teacher, or a scheduled weekly live class by a science expert, if it's not accredited, you are still the teacher.  That means you can decide what assignments are important for your child to complete, and what will improve their learning - and their love of learning.  Online classes are one tool you can use to educate your children, and one tool you can use when you formulate your grade.

Don't let that class become your taskmaster.  If you are feeling stressed over the holidays, you don't need to feel MORE stressed because online classes are piling on more homework.  You can pick and choose from grades they provide to determine a true grade that reflects your child, and your child's learning.  The class grade does not have to include grades you (as the teacher) chose to drop.

If you are feeling forced like a square peg in a round hole, then you might enjoy my article called Cooped Up in a Co-op?. Generally, coop and online teachers are willing to be flexible.  If you would like to drop busy work over holidays or vacations, tell the online teacher and they will probably accommodate you.

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