You made it to June! It's time to sit back, relax your homeschool life, and enjoy the summer! Don't completely check out though, or you'll miss out on these calendar reminders! 

Middle School: Learn how to homeschool high school so you don't give up out of fear. Invest in yourself so you feel confident. Check out my High School Solution

Freshmen: Don't panic! There are only four key goals in the four years of high school. Homeschool High School: Four Years - Four Goals 

June Calendar Reminders from The HomeScholar

Sophomores: Summer is a great time for your child to do some volunteer work to put on their activity list: How to Create an Activity List for Perfectly Ordinary Teens

Juniors: You have a very busy year ahead! Make sure you have a transcript ready to go for college admission. Check out the Comprehensive Record Solution for help.

Seniors: It's time to pack for college! The following is a list of things that will likely be needed during the year. College Packing List