Invest in Your #Homeschool Weaknesses @TheHomeScholar

Invest in Your Weaknesses

One key to high school curriculum is to invest in your weaknesses. This means that you put your curriculum budget money towards your area of weakness. Identify your weaknesses, perhaps math, foreign language, or art, for example, and spend your money on strong curriculum in that area.  Your weakness should also be the area where you’re most willing to make mistakes in curriculum. If you make a poor choice in math curriculum for instance, and your child hates math and has a fit every single day, that’s a weak area where you need to be willing to really invest and try something else.

Weaknesses are also where you put your time first. If your child has a weak subject area, that’s the first thing they should do each day. As soon as they get it done, they can move on to other subjects. Your weak area is also what you should do no matter what falls apart in your life; if everything goes by the wayside, you still get you weak area done first.

Another aspect of investing in your weaknesses is to invest in your own education as a homeschool parent. When I was a nurse, we had continuing education that was required of us every year. Homeschool parents need to be continually educating themselves as well.

Do you know how to homeschool on the next level? Are you comfortable with 10th or 11th grade, if that’s next? This does not mean that you have to pre-read every book that your student will read or that you must learn Calculus before they do. It just means that you continue to learn how to homeschool high school.

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