Including Delight Directed Learning in your homeschool is so important! It can help shape and mold the career goals of your child, lead to great experiences that can be put on the transcript, and create a fabulous resume - all while still in high school!

You just need to do one important thing... create a collage of awesomeness that we call "course descriptions."

Nobody will ever know the fun or magical things your child has done unless you tell them. And, when speaking to colleges, you need to tell them by using words and numbers that colleges understand. Applying to college isn't like talking to your friend or a seasoned homeschool parent who understands the daily grind of homeschooling high school. But, colleges DO understand grades, high school credits, and educational language.

Learn How to Put Fabulous Fun on Your Homeschool Transcript and convert natural learning into high school credit with this free ebook.