Some homeschool products are great, some are good, and some are only useful in certain situations.

I finally got around to asking the library to purchase a Standard Deviants DVD. Have you ever seen the Chemistry one? I wasn't impressed with it at all and am wondering if they are all similar to that one or not. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this isn't what I was expecting....

Thanks, Cindy in Montana

I have purchased Standard Deviants French and American Government. When I watch the Standard Deviants French DVD, I noticed it had GLARING errors. I believe it was something quite simple, like it got the words "hot" and "cold" completely backward - not good. The American Government DVD seemed equally unhelpful.  And yet many of my friends had used Standard Deviants products.

It can be shocking when you find huge errors in homeschool curriculum. I remember one time I purchased a writing program, and within the first two minutes it reviewed their "PHOLOSOPHY of education" - they spelled philosophy wrong.  I simply couldn't get past that typo. Particularly for a college prep writing and study skills program. I asked for my money back.

I have recommended Standard Deviants from time to time.  Recently, when I wrote End of School Year Popcorn Party Plan, I mentioned using The Standard Deviants – American Government 2-pack as a way to complete a course quickly with minimal effort.

Standard Deviants videos have been described as Sesame Street for Teenagers. Short messages, just a few seconds long, presented in a goofy way, for an hour. That seems like a good description, according to what I have seen.

Sometimes something that is "just fine" will work in a pinch. And sometimes things that are highly rated and quite popular aren't necessarily high quality.  They may still be useful in certain situations.  Like eating candy - once in a while it's fine, but it's not a nutritious diet.  That's how I view Standard Deviants.

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