Stanford University Magazine had a write-up regarding a gifted homeschool student.  I love this quotation: “It’s the spark, the passion, that sets the truly exceptional student-the one driven to pursue independent research and explore difficult concepts from a very early age-apart from your typical bright kid.  Stanford wants students who have it.  Looking very closely at homeschoolers is one way to get more of those special minds, the admission office has discovered."  As Reider explains it: “Homeschooled students may have a potential advantage over others in this, since they have consciously chosen and pursued an independent course of study. ” I really like the focus on independent homeschooling!  Read the actual write-up for yourself here:

A homeschooling mom called the particular college that her student was interested in, to obtain a few answers for herself. Here is exactly what she found out:

I did end up calling the college that my son will most likely attend, and they verified that a mommy-transcript is just fine…and they also expect that we will submit to them a 4. 0 GPA (like 99% of homeschoolers apparently do). Of course he will still need to take the SAT and any placement tests that are required for ALL students, but the only thing that they might require of him that they don’t require of the public-schooled students is an interview. Needless to say, I am *much* relieved to hear all of this, because I do not want to join an umbrella group or an online high school or anything else that would be done for the sole purpose of satisfying a college-admissions person.

Love, Gigi

She found that she can continue to homeschool on their own!

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