Wondering what homeschooling courses might help a student who wants to become a nurse?

The more biology, chemistry and physics the better!  General bio, and chem are required, physics is sometimes required as well.  Having an AP test in one or all areas will help significantly. course in each area is a BIG deal.

The more math the better.  Pre-Calculus is good, but having Calculus before graduation is even better.  I recommend a Teaching Company Course we loved called Calculus Made Clear.  My children loved it so much they watched it repeatedly.  If your child is ahead in math, consider a good Statistics course, or use the Teaching Company Course called Statistics Made Clear as a math supplement or elective.

Find work or a volunteer position in a nursing environment somehow. Anything from volunteering at a hospital to doing summer camps for kids with medical interests.

Take physical education seriously. Nursing is a physical job, and some strength and fitness is required.  There are some specific PE subjects that can help prospective nurses.  All of these things can be taught within your normal physical education courses.  These topics include:

  1. Nutrition: I would use the Teaching Company Course called Nutrition Made Clear.

  2. First Aid:  Take a day-long first aid class or first-responder course through your local fire department or Red Cross.

  3. General Health:  I used the Total Health textbook.

  4. Sleep hygiene: The importance of sleep is remarkably important for all college students, but particularly for nurses who will eventually work odd  hours and crazy shifts.  At some point the student can do a research project on sleep.

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